About Us

Dr Zoo Pet Hospital

A team of dedicated and brilliant minds came together to form Dr-Zoo in 2022. Our company was born from the dreams of several veterinarians who believed pet parents should have access to advanced healthcare. We aim to create a veterinary facility that will provide top-notch care in all areas of veterinary medicine as well as provide emotional comfort to our patients. Our veterinarians provide comprehensive pet care for your pet, whether it is routine health checks, wellness programs, or emergency medicine/surgery.

We at our veterinary hospital offer the highest standard of care for your pets by using the latest equipment and technology. Our diagnostic facilities include diagnostic labs and imaging equipment that allow us to detect as well as prevent illnesses. Our facility offers comprehensive diagnostic testing inside, including digital x-ray, ultrasound, surgical suites, echocardiography, ECG, pharmacy, and more. Our deep love for companion animals motivates us to provide a world-class experience to every pet and their family.

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