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Internal Medicine OP/IP

Our internal medicine specialists are veterinarians who treat and diagnose a wide range of conditions and diseases in dogs, cats, and avians. Our internal medicine specialists work at the Dr-Zoo pet hospital and are ready to help with complex cases. This is what makes us the best pet hospital with advanced facilities. We at Dr-Zoo pet hospital follow the latest protocols and procedures are established on evidence based veterinary medicine implications. With advanced diagnostic imaging facilities we could assess and plan treatment for your pet with predictable prognosis. With different examination room for different species and separate space for contagious and non-contagious diseases you may bring your pet with confidence of not contracting nosocomical infections. Our treatment algorithm changes with the latest researches and tailored to your pet.


We are dedicated to providing the best levels of veterinary surgery. Our surgical suits are equipped with the minimally invasive surgical instruments and our state-of-the-art monitoring equipments reduce anesthetic risk to the minimum. We have all of the necessary equipment to evaluate and maintain your pet's health, as well as to recommend and come up with the best surgical option. Our physicians possess a wealth of training in veterinary operations and are able to perform any complex medical operation on pets. We offer routine surgeries like spay and neuter to wide range of soft tissue orthopedic surgeries in dogs, cats, and birds. We look after your pet once they are well ready to be dismissed and securely return back home.

Imaging (X-ray + Ultrasound scanning, Echocardiography)

With our extensive ability to diagnose and treat illness and injury to your pet, including ultrasound and x-ray, we can provide suitable comprehensive care. We diagnose and treat pets faster with our advanced diagnostic tools and equipment. Our hospital is equipped with the latest digital X-ray machines to make diagnoses expediently and with greater accuracy. At Dr-Zoo, diagnostic imaging specialists use modern, sophisticated equipment and experienced veterinarians to perform advanced imaging and diagnosis. Our diagnostic tools allow us to collect detailed information about your pet's health and imaging is a painless and non-invasive procedure. Our AERB approved, dedicated X-ray room protects your pets and yourself from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Clinical Lab

Animal diagnostics plays a key role ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of animals. Diagnosing a disease is the easiest method of finding its cause and further prognosis. A team of professionals at our in-house lab diagnoses and treats pets' medical conditions. We can find out the cause of ailments and provide medical assistance and treatment quickly by utilizing various tests and imaging methods. Our clinical lab will help us find the root cause of your pet's problem. Veterinary doctors at Dr-Zoo have access to High precision hematological analyses, Serum biochemistry analysis, Hormone assay system, Urine analysis, highly specific and sensitive lateral flows(ELISA), Fecal analysis, Biopsy, Bacteriology and mycological studies.

Avian medicine

Holding the reputation as the best pet hospital, it is our goal to care for our feathered friends and to provide owners with the knowledge and skills needed to take care of these exotic pets. At, Dr-Zoo pet hospital, we provide medical care and services for wide varieties birds. Our Avian medicine specialists have extensive knowledge and training in this field. The veterinarians at our hospital believe that identifying and preventing illness can lead to happier and healthier companion animals. Our veterinarians are committed to providing your companion with veterinary care to ensure a happy long-term relationship.

Grooming parlour

Grooming is important for your pet's care since it eliminates skin disorders and maintains them shiny. Grooming your pets and ensuring that they are healthy and fit is an absolute must. We have an exceptional pet grooming facility with most of the latest amenities and equipment to make your pets seem lovely, active, and healthy. Our groomers will examine your pet for rashes, sores, irritation, masses, that a typical pet owner could overlook. We are excited to provide your dog or cat with a full spa treatment, including shampooing and grooming. We offer medical grooming tailored to the needs of your pet.

Nutritional advice

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your pets healthy and happy. Nutritional mismanagement is one of the significant problems that lead to several disease conditions. Under supplementation and over supplementation are equally harmful. Our nutritional experts can tailor diet and nutrition plans for your pet based on their lifestyle, stage, and health condition. At Dr-Zoo pet hospital, we are committed to provide highest standards of excellence in expert Nutritional management advice. Our nutritionists examine your pet's health and conditions and give you dietary advice and providing you with a highly personalized veterinary experience.


We highlight the role of routine care in the fitness and well-being of pets at our clinic. We want to assist all pet owners in providing exceptional care and a safe atmosphere for their pets. Pet animals having allergies are not only irritating, but their itching can harm the layer of the skin, allowing diseases to enter. At Dr-Zoo, we can give excellent allergy treatment that not only reduces the itchiness but also prevents infections. We do bacterial cultures, fungal cultures, and skin biopsies if required to treat chronic recurring infections.

Comprehensive exams

Our comprehensive wellness examinations are intended to prevent disease and extend the life of your domestic pets. Dogs and cats age faster than humans, so serious medical problems can arise in a short period of time. We recommend getting your pet periodic comprehensive wellness examination to diagnose, treat, or prevent problems and promote a healthy life for your pet. We at Dr-Zoo pet hospital, with the major topic of discussion in our area, comprehensive exams will evaluate the physical conditions of your pet and helps to diagnose certain diseases earlier and save your money and time.


Our veterinarians are professionals in handling gynecology and urology consultation. We provide you with our services for diagnosing and treating diseases of the reproductive system in your pet. We provide preventive treatment for diseases that affect female pets by utilizing our advanced facilities for the treatment of gynecology. Our specialist veterinarians can offer helpful advice on mating and ovulation detection of your pets. We aim to help pets have a secure and healthy pregnancy and birth experience by using advanced treatment and care.

Pet pharmacy

We have a well-stocked pharmacy with medications, nutritional supplements, probiotics, specialized shampoos, and other skincare meds, as well as flea, mite, and tick prevention solutions tailored to your pet's condition. Our pharmacy has access to all veterinary prescribed medication. By supplying vaccinations and other drugs, our pharmacy provides clients with reasonable, high-quality, and reliable service. Our pharmacy sells medicines from well-known brands. We provide the most up-to-date pain control, infection control, parasite prevention, and other veterinary care therapies.

Pet store

Our pet store's most notable benefits are convenience and variety. We provide an array of brand products and deals for pet products and foods. Our shop has a big selection of Indian and international pet food brands as well as nutritional supplement products at a decent cost. Our well-stocked pet store also provides high-quality toys and accessories. Enrichment toys can boost your pet’s potential to understand, enabling them to gain specific skills. Purchase from Our huge array of hygienic, high-quality items.

Pet Dental care

One of the most common health problems that affect pets is dental disease. Dentistry is a significant aspect of your pet's overall health, and dental problems can create other health issues. It is significant to have your pet's mouth checked by a veterinarian at least once a year to check for early signs of disease. This is why we prioritize dental care and encourage pets to maintain good oral hygiene. At Dr-Zoo, our expert veterinarians are always happy to help owners maintain their pets' oral hygiene.

Emergency and Critical care

We at Dr_Zoo pet hospital provide a comprehensive range of emergency and critical care options to address the demands of your beloved animals at the right time. We are always available to address emergencies that may occur to your loved one. We offer a 24-hour emergency and casualty service so that you can be assured of quality care. With our state-of-the-art hospitals, we can offer you and your pet a reliable emergency service that is comfortable and secure.