highest standards of
Veterinary care for pets

Internal Medicine OP/IP

Our internal medicine specialists are veterinarians who treat.


We are dedicated to providing the best levels of veterinary surgery.


With our extensive ability to diagnose and treat illness.

Dr Zoo Pets Hospital

Dr-Zoo is a pioneering initiative that provides the highest standards of veterinary care for pets. We have set a benchmark for pet care with its advanced state-of-the-art facilities. Designed to meet your pet’s needs, our hospital puts you and your pet at ease. We adapt every service to your pet’s specific needs, providing you with a highly personalized veterinary experience.

We are genuinely concerned about your pets and all animals! Staffs at our hospital are knowledgeable about veterinary medicine and have a passion for the field. Our practice strives to offer professional, affordable, and state-of-the-art veterinary care. Our veterinarians treat pets with the latest technology, advanced procedures, and treatment methods. We provide compassionate care and comprehensive medical attention for your pet with love.

What We Do

Clinical Lab

Animal diagnostics plays a key role ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of animals.

Avian medicine

Holding the reputation as the best pet hospital, it is our goal to care for our feathered friends.

Grooming parlour

Grooming is important for your pet's care since it eliminates skin disorders and maintains them shiny.


We highlight the role of routine care in the fitness and well-being of pets at our clinic.

Nutritional advice

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your pets healthy and happy. Nutritional mismanagement.


Our veterinarians are professionals in handling gynecology and urology consultation.

What our clients
say about us

"I don't know what else to say. I am really satisfied with my pet care services. Pet care services is the real deal! Thank you so much for your help."
James Robson
Happy Client

Dr. Zoo Pet Hospital, Kerala, India

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